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monthly tasks

Do not use the word Install. If you are installing something please create a new ticket. Installing something requires that we charge sales tax.

  Verify and update to latest HPE Service Pack for Proliant on server(s)  
  Run Microsoft Update on servers  
  Update additional Line-of-Business software (Exchange, Database, etc.)  
  Upgrade Firewall firmware / Upgrade SSL-VPN firmware / Check Logs  
  Verify firewall security services are enabled / Backup settings and firmware image  
  Test UPS for backup power  
  Physical inspection of server and core networking
(error lights, heat issues, bad sounding drives, loud fans, smells, etc)
  Check Integrated Management Logs for Hardware Errors  
  Check array controller for active event messages (i.e. array rebuild sitting at 0%)  
  Check drive free space  
  Run dcdiag.exe from admin prompt on domain controllers and examine the output for errors
(dcdiag.exe > c:\dcdiag.txt)
  Review Event logs for errors and fix  
  Review CPU / Memory Utilization  
  Check mail server queue / Database size  
  Update Backup Software / Image Manager - Check backup status - Check Offsite Replication  
  Evaluate current backup selections / Perform test restore  
  Review Disk/Tape rotation / off-site storage with management  
  Verify Antivirus software is up to date (Server / Exchange / Clients)  
  Clear antivirus quarantines / Check Definition Dates & Schedule  
  Run MSConfig and check for unneeded items  
  Verify Adobe and Java software is on latest versions  
  Check Programs and Features for recent unwanted installations  
  Check Synology or NAS device for failures  
  Workstation checks - OS patches / Anti-virus / Spyware  
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